Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Murray Gold plays I Am The Doctor

Doctor Who composer Murray Gold has uploaded a video of himself at the piano playing his theme for Matt Smith's Time Lord, I Am The Doctor - check it out in the player above.

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Anonymous said...

Bizarrely, this guy does it better!

Alistair Coleman said...

"I wear a red bobble hat now. Red bobble hats are cool"

Paul said...

great piece of music!

Anonymous said...

I see my previous comment has been deleted. Didn't realise there was censorship on this site.

Paul Mount said...

Perhaps if you had the guts to leave a name instead of 'anonymous' you might not be deleted. Maybe your previous message was offensive or inappropriate?

Derek said...

It was neither. I just clicked on anonymous since I don't have a Google account or an OpenID one and let's face it, anyone can pit in any name.

Cameron McEwan said...

Listen up - I do NOT delete comments. So you can stop that sort of thinking immediately.

On the odd occasion in the past, I have removed some comments for bad language or abuse but that's all.

Whoever you are, your comment was not deleted.

For whatever reason your comment went into the "Spam" section, awaiting to be approved.

The comment was never published and therefore NOT deleted.

I have now marked it as "Not Spam" and is now viewable to the world.

I suggest next time, you get off whatever high horse you think you're on before accusing me of "censorship".

Derek said...

The comment appeared here after I posted it and it wasn't here later so it was not unreasonable to assume that it had been deleted. However, it appears that I was wrong which is regrettable.

Your explanation is appreciated but your tone isn't. A simple statement of the facts would have sufficed.

Lrrr said...

You're original tone was accusational and insulting, Cameron's tone was completely justified.

And the chance to see the great Murray Gold do what he does best... What an honour!

Anonymous said...

The music I have for that Is different :/