FOR SALE - Blogtor Who

As you may know, Blogtor Who is available for purchase. Included in the sale are the site ( and its archive, the Twitter account, Facebook page and YouTube channel.
If you are interested in buying Blogtor Who and its satellite sites, or have any questions, then feel free to email HERE.
Blogtor Who is one of the most popular Doctor Who sites online and received 4,657,375 page views in 2011 (with both December 11 and January 12 seeing an approx. 50% year on year rise) whilst the Twitter feed has 15,860 followers (9/2/12). Further information is available on request.

PLEASE NOTE:the site will continue as normal in the meantime.

Blogtor Who was created by Cameron K McEwan and has been run solely by him since its inception in May 2008 - read more about the site HERE.