Charity Doctor Who Comic Strip Set For Release

Featuring the tenth incarnation of the time travelling adventurer, Time Leech is a compilation of a three-part web comic originating on the Doctor Who news and reviews website,

Time Leech throws The Doctor, as played by David Tennant on television, together with a new companion, Ruth, as he uncovers a terrible Dalek plot to overthrow humanity.

This compilation is being released as a non-profit project, with all proceeds being split 50-50 between the annual Children in Need event and the Association for International Cancer Research (AICR), of which Tennant is patron.
Time Leech was conceived and scripted by Christian Cawley and Brian Terranova, Justin Abbot and Rick Lundeen, cover art is by Martin MacIntosh, with additional credits to Colin Brockhurst and former Doctor Who Magazine editor John Freeman, who advised on the project.

Upon release, Time Leech will be available for £4.99 plus p&p (£7.99 plus shipping for overseas). The ebook version is available CBR and PDF and can be purchased for £0.99. The electronic version is available now whilst the print edition will be available to purchase from mid-May 2012. For further details visit:

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