Doctor Who Card Game

 Pop culture products site ICv2 have reported on a new Doctor Who card game coming in the summer from the popular game designer Martin Wallace (Steam, London,  A Few Acres of Snow). Cubicle 7 will release the Doctor Who Card Game in August, ICv2 also state:

"The new game, for three to four players, will retail for $29.99. Players will defend the universe as Doctor Who and his companions. Cubicle 7 previewed the Doctor Who Card Game at Games Expo in Birmingham, United Kingdom..."

The Games Expo also showed an advance copy of the Eleventh Doctor edition of the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG due for a US release in June. Again, from ICv2:

"This will be a boxed set with everything needed to play. Inside the box will be a two rulebooks plus a quick start guide, a book of adventures featuring creatures and aliens from the most recent season of the tv show, character sheets, game tokens, and dice. Information about the characters in the show is also featured, along with pre-generated stats for playing those characters in the game."

Thanks to James Sinden
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