Matt Smith talks Series 7

Current Doctor Who Matt Smith was a guest at the recent Starfury convention in the UK, The 11th Hour. During his interview with organiser Sean Harry, Matt talked about this year's Christmas Special, a scene in the episode The Eleventh Hour that will have special meaning in the "final days" of The Ponds and the return of the Ice Warriors. Listen to some clips in the player below.

Picture courtesy of Nicquelle Rhodes

(Please note, when you hear the audience laughing after his mention of the Ice Warriors, Matt gave the crowd a very knowing look and even more knowing smile.)

Also announced was another three day event taking place from Nov 30 called Midnight which will see BILLIE PIPER (who older readers may remember played Rose Tyler in the Noughties) make her very FIRST convention appearance! Tickets are available from their website HERE.
Thanks to Starfury
Doctor Who Experience Tickets On Sale!
Matt & Jenna - yet another promo pic!
Matt & Jenna - another promo pic!
Bad Dads & Dude Dads: The Fathers of New Who
Dougray Scott in Series 7

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