Jon Pertwee DVD documentary appeal

Doctor Who documentary maker Chris Chapman is currently producing a comprehensive biographical documentary looking back on the life of The Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. This film will be included on a future classic Who DVD release, covering Jon's whole life and career - from rebellious early days to the Navy Lark to Worzel Gummidge, as well as his time in the TARDIS. Jon's later years will also be looked at as he returned to the world of Who on stage, on screen and conventions.

BAFTA-nominated director Chapman is looking to fans around the world to raid their personal archives for any photographs, videos or audio they may have of Jon from conventions in the 80s and 90s - or from any public appearances they might have been lucky enough to attend. If any of your material is used in the finished documentary, then you'll receive a special thanks on the credits and a complementary copy of the release when it hits shops. You have until August 1st, 2012 to get your submissions in!

Please send your hi-res photos, videos and audio to

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