Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

The Wand Company and BBC Worldwide have got together to produce an amazing new toy/thing/accessory – the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control! All the details below the picture!

Pre-order now from Firebox for £59.99

Immaculately designed and packed full of features, this die cast metal model is hand detailed, with polished copper plating and an authentic soft touch grip. Painstakingly built to last; with a little bit of care and occasionally replaced batteries you’ll be able to use this Sonic Screwdriver even up to your 13th incarnation (and beyond?).

But it’s not just a spectacularly detailed collectable replica, oh no; the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver is also a fully programmable, gesture based Universal Remote Control! Utilising infrared technology to control everything from TV’s and DVD players to stereos and iPod docks, you’ll be able to make changes with just a flick of the wrist.

With the blessings of the BBC, the Sonic Screwdriver boasts 13 authentic special FX sounds from the Whoniverse and comes in a gorgeous presentation case. Including detailed instructions straight from the Doctor himself, you’ll be able to get started learning how to use it straight away.

With 4 Operational Modes, you can practice and program your gestures; use it as a full blown replica, or control your Earthly devices in either full FX mode or Quiet Control mode. Plus, just like the Doctor, you don’t want it falling into the wrong hands so when not in use you can lock the Sonic Screwdriver using your personal authorisation code.

Pre-order now from Firebox for £59.99

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