News Round~Up!

News in the world of Doctor Who is coming thick and fast so here's a collection of the latest tidbits, just in case you missed some. Read the last news round~up HERE. In the player above you can see some footage from Comic Con France 2012 featuring fans chatting about Doctor Who, as well as a few appearances from Blogtor!
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New trailer!
New promo pics
New Trailer screengrabs
VIDEO INTERVIEW! Blogtor Meets Neve McIntosh!
New Ep Title - A Town Called Mercy
New Ep Title - Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

Big Finish audio round~up
The Greatest Show In The Galaxy DVD
Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff
The Nu-Humans
Futurama Series 7, Ep 7: The Six Million Dollar Mon

Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control
North America DVD releases
Five Audio Releases In September!
Doctor Who Magazine 450

VIDEO INTERVIEW! Blogtor Meets Neve McIntosh!
Doctor Who Experience opens in Cardiff
Christopher Eccleston interview
Alex Kingston in Who Do You Think You Are?
Tennant and Piper to attend Convention
Karen Gillan Begins Shooting New Film