Vengeance on Varos: Special Edition DVD details

Included below are the details of the Vengeance on Varos: Special Edition DVD, due for release in the UK on Sept 10 and in North America on Sept 11. The two disc set includes:

Vengeance on Varos
Mono Audio, 5.1 audio, Mono production audio, Isolated Score and  Isolated Score in 5.1 

Audio Commentary
With Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Nabil Shaban.

Nice or Nasty?
The "making of" Vengeance on Varos, presented by writer, journalist and broadcaster, Mathew Sweet and includes interviews with Philip Martin (the writer of the story), script editor Eric Saward, actress Sheila Reid (Etta), actor Nabil Shaban (Sil) and composer Jonathan Gibbs

The Idiot's Lantern 
Looking at the medium of television in Doctor Who, presented by journalist, writer and broadcaster, Samira Ahmed.

Tomorrow's Times - The Sixth Doctor 
Presented by Sarah Sutton

French & Saunders
An untransmitted sketch from the BBC comedy show 

Extended and Deleted Scenes 
Acid Bath Scene with Alternative Music  
Behind The Scenes  
BBC News (announcement of Colin Baker)
Breakfast Time (Colin Baker interview) 
Saturday Superstore (ft. Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant) 
Photo Gallery 
PDF materials 
Coming Soon 
Production Notes Subtitles

Thanks to BBC Worldwide
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