Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Look! - The Angels Take Manhattan

The BBC have released the first promotional picture from Doctor Who Series 7, Episode 5, The Angels Take Manhattan - click on the image for a bigger version. Lots more promo pics coming this Tuesday, 00.01.
Thanks to BBC Pictures
The Angels Take Manhattan synopsis
Next Time - The Power of Three
A Town Called Mercy audio commentary


Anonymous said...

Super Bowl is two words!

Sandiwich11 said...

The Lions have never been at a SB afaik

Nyssa23 said...

I feel like this must be an alternate timeline because NO WAY would the Lions ever win the Super Bowl! Ha.

Anonymous said...

Definitely alternate timeline . . . there's no such paper as the New York Record (and there never has been) and the Detroit Lions have never been to the Super Bowl (their last championship was in 1957, ten years before the Super Bowl existed).