Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dinosaurs On A Spaceship clip 1

The BBC have released a new clip from Dinosaurs On A Spaceship - watch it in the player above. Doctor Who Series 7, Episode 2 airs this Saturday in the UK and North America - read Blogtor's spoiler~free review HERE. In the player below you can see an introcduction to the story from Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

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Paul Mount said...

Og God, I am now SO tired of this glib, flip silly knowing dialogue and Matt Smith's wacky antics. He's such a good actor, it's just a shame he doesn't get a chance to really show it off. I've heard good thigns about this episode but I suspect I'm going to find it deeply irritating. Can't they just tell a good story without filling it with slapstick and comedy fumbling???

Cameron McEwan said...

Best not watch this ep Paul. That's all it is.

Paul Mount said...

Not watch?? THAT'S not going to happen!