October Audio releases

AudioGo have updated the details of their Doctor Who releases for October, including a television soundtrack, audiobook and three box sets! All in time for Christmas (or whatever gift-giving holiday you choose to observe). Details and cover art below (click on the pics for bigger versions): 

Invasion Earth!
12 CDs - Duration: 13 hrs 10 mins
For complete immersion in the worlds of Doctor Who, how about a box set such as Invasion Earth! These 12 exciting CDs contain three Classic Novels readings: In The Dalek Invasion of Earth the Doctor and his friends must fight to save the planet from the Daleks in the 21st Century. In The Auton Invasion a newly-regenerated Third Doctor encounters the Nestenes and their robotic ‘shop window dummy’ servants the Autons. In The Dinosaur Invasion London faces an incursion of prehistoric monsters as the spearhead of Operation Golden Age. Read by William Russell, Caroline John and Martin Jarvis, with original sound design, and Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Daleks.

Dalek Menace!
15 CDs - Duration: 17 hours 45 minutes
In a similar vein comes Dalek Menace!, a 15-disc collectible box set of three Classic Novels unabridged readings: In Daleks: The Chase the TARDIS is pursued through Time and Space by the Daleks, who are intent on preventing any future intervention in their plans by the Doctor. In Daleks: Mission to the Unknown and Daleks: The Mutation of Time the leader of Earth in the far future, Mavic Chen, has allied himself with the Daleks. When the Doctor steals the core of the Time Destructor, his arch enemies pursue him across the galaxy in order to retrieve it. Read by Maureen O’Brien, Peter Purves and Jean Marsh, with original sound design, and Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Daleks.

TARDIS Adventure Series
6 CDs - Duration: 6 hours approx.

TARDIS Adventure Collection features a wonderful TARDIS-shaped box with front opening door, containing six Eleventh Doctor Audio Original titles: THE RUNAWAY TRAIN, RING OF STEEL, THE JADE PYRAMID, THE HOUNDS OF ARTEMIS, THE GEMINI CONTAGION and THE EYE OF THE JUNGLE. Read by Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill, Clare Corbett, Meera Syal and David Troughton, with original sound design, this impressive box set is guaranteed to provide a Christmas highlight for all Doctor Who fans.

The Pirate Planet
2 CDs/Download - Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes
The Pirate Planet, by Douglas Adams, stars Tom Baker and the late Mary Tamm, in which the Doctor and Romana discover a planet ruled over by the tyrannical Captain. They soon discover that all is not what it seems about the ‘pirate planet’ – and a far darker power lurks behind the scenes. This full-cast four-part TV soundtrack from the original 1978 BBC TV serial has the benefit of special linking narration by John Leeson, who in a bonus interview recollects his time as the Voice of K9.

The Visitation
4 CDs/Download - Duration: 3 hours 4 minutes 
The Visitation is an unabridged reading of a classic novelisation featuring the Fifth Doctor as played on screen by Peter Davison. Arriving on the outskirts of London in 1666, the Doctor, Tegan, Adric and Nyssa receive a decidedly unfriendly welcome. It soon becomes clear that the sinister activities of other alien visitors have made the villagers extremely suspicious of outsiders. And as a result of the alien Terileptils’ evil schemes, the Doctor finds himself on the point of playing a key role in a gruesome historical event… Matthew Waterhouse, who played Adric in the original TV serial from 1982, reads the story.

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