Horror Europa With Mark Gatiss

The BBC have released details about a new documentary from Doctor Who writer/actor exploring European horror cinema. The 90 minute special follows on from his A History of Horror series for BBC Four (reviews HERE, HERE and HERE). Click on the images for bigger versions.

Written and presented by Mark, the documentary journeys through the story of European horror cinema: from the nightmare visions of German Expressionism to the black-gloved killers of Italian Giallo movies, from lesbian vampires in Belgium to the ghosts of the Spanish Civil War. Visiting key filming locations and meeting some of the genre's finest talents, Horror Europa With Mark Gatiss shows how the Continent's turbulent 20th century forged an extraordinary and diverse horror tradition.


Mark's voyage takes him across Europe, from the castle in Slovakia where FW Murnau shot Nosferatu (1922), to the hotel in Ostend where Harry Kümel filmed his erotic vampire classic, Daughters Of Darkness (1971). Other highlights include a visit to Paris where Mark meets Edith Scob, the woman behind the mask in the extraordinary Eyes Without A Face (1960), while in Rome Mark talks about Giallo thrillers with master director Dario Argento. In Madrid, he has a rare interview with the godfather of Spanish horror, Narciso Ibáñez Serrador, before speaking with today's foremost exponent of Spanish-language horror, Guillermo del Toro.

Horror Europa With Mark Gatiss airs Tuesday 30 October at 9pm on BBC Four

Thanks to BBC Pictures
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