Saturday, October 13, 2012

Series 7 Review Podcast

Included in the player above is a special podcast featuring all your thoughts and theories on Doctor Who Series 7 collated from here, Twitter, Facebook and email. Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment, much appreciated.  You can check out all the audio commentaries for the five episodes HERE. The podcast is available to download directly HERE and on iTunes HERE.

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Series 7 DVD details [UK details]
Doctor Who: Limited Edition DVD Gift Set
Love & Monsters audio commentary


The Whoovesian said...

EEEEE!!! Thanks for reading my Comment out, and by the way, you guys are awesome!!
And...My 'name' is based off the My little pony fan character 'Doctor Whooves' (i assume you've seen something brony on your internet searching.)

Eighth Doctor said...

I laughed at your Paul McGann impression and for including my use of the word "turd"!

Cameron McEwan said...

Thanks Whoovesian, I have seen that!

Eighth Doctor
My pleasure! Glad you liked it!

Gulf Coast Girl said...

So thrilled that you read my comment, especially in that attempted Alabama accent...that was quite adorable. Funny stuff, guys!

Cameron McEwan said...

My pleasure!