Doctor Who Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming up (in case you hadn't noticed), and there are loads of fab gifts out there for the Who~fan in your life. Check out Blogtor's favourite six below!

Cyberman Apron & Dalek Oven Glove
Cooking just got Doctored with these bold designs featuring the Time Lord's most fearsome enemies! DELETE any notions of overcooking the turkey with the stylish Cyberman apron and EXTERMINATE the sprouts with the padded Dalek oven glove!
Available from BBC - retails from £15

Character Building Doctor Who Dalek Spaceship Set
Whilst not quite LEGO, it may as well be (and it can be used in conjunction with the bricks). The kids (and maybe some adults) will get a kick out of invading and conquering planets with these tiny little pepper pots from Skaro and their spaceship - EXTERMINATE!
Available from Character Options - retails at £29.99

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Doctor Who Dressing Gowns
Christmas just comfy! This brilliant range lets you lazily indulge with some Time Lord style. Check out: the TARDIS hooded robe that looks exactly like The Doctor's time machine; or the Tom Baker costume with its multicolour scarf trim; or there's even a Dalek robe for the bad boys and girls. All the gowns are 100% Cotton Terry Cloth and adult sized - hopefully, they'll be bigger on the inside after all that Crimbolicious food devoured over the hols!
Available from Truffle Shuffle and BBC - retails from £30

TARDIS, Dalek & K-9 Christmas Tree Decorations
CUTE! These hand-painted ornaments, each about 5" inches high (approx.), have been hand-crafted in the style of mouth blown glass and will give your earthly tree and out of this world feel! Available in this set are the TARDIS, two Daleks (red and gold) and the adorbz robotic dog, K9!
Available from BBC - retails at £49.99

Monopoly: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary
Everyone loves Monopoly, right? And giving it a Gallifreyan makeover can only increase its appeal. This fantastic themed game features all your favourite monsters from Doctor Who and you can land on the various stories they appeared in over the years. Best of all are the exquisite playing pieces which include the Eleventh Doctor's bow tie, an old-skool sonic screwdriver and The Fourth Doctor's scarf.
Available from and Forbidden Planet -  retails at £29.99

Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control
Yes, this is as AWESOME as it sounds! This beautifully designed and very detailed replica of Matt Smith's time-traveling tool lets you control your TVs, DVD/Bluray players, stereos and even iPod docks with just an artistic flourish of your wrist. You become the Gallifreyan conductor of your media orchestra. All day, every day!
Available from: Firebox and BBC - retails at £59.99

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