Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The latest issue of the world's greatest publication hits the streets tomorrow, read all about Doctor Who Magazine 454 below and click on the pic for a bigger version of the cover.

The Eighth Doctor is back in a brand new audio adventure available from next month: Dark Eyes. DWM catches up with actor PAUL McGANN to discover how his incarnation of the Doctor has changed...“There’s sombreness and self-doubt and guilt... I’m not sure it’s guilt, but he’s lost hope. He needs a shot in the arm... But of course, you don’t want him too heavy either. We want the hope. We talk about hope a lot in the story; it’s all about hope…"

ARTHUR DARVILL speaks exclusively to DWM about playing Rory Williams, his work on stage and screen, and recording his last scenes for Doctor Who 

Writer STEPHEN THOMPSON reveals his inner fan, endures a grilling from a tough crowd, and drops hints about his next script for the TV series, JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE TARDIS, in PRODUCTION NOTES!

He's directed Sontarans and Shakri and he's back to oversee one of the episodes in the anniversary year. DWM interviews DOUGLAS MACKINNON and discovers the secrets of successfully directing a Doctor Who monster.

THE FACT OF FICTION looks back to the very first time TARDIS took the Doctor and his companions to the wild, wild West as DWM unearths brand new facts and rare photographs from 1966's THE GUNFIGHTERS. Yee-haw!

The spotlight falls on the season that featured the d├ębut of the Seventh Doctor, a cornucopia of crazy characters and a bold new direction for the TV series as COUNTDOWN TO 50 continues.

PLUS! All the latest official news, the latest DVDs, books and CDs reviewed, sneak previews of forthcoming merchandise, a prize-winning crossword, FIVE fantastic competitions and much, much more!

Doctor Who Magazine 454 is out on Thursday 15 November, priced £4.50

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Mister said...

Awesome! Paul McGann is on the COVER of the magazine. A nice change considering he's constantly looked over because of his one TV appearance.

Scott said...

Hmmm, LOVE that Mcgann is getting the proper praise these days, and I REALLY hope he's going to be on the 50th Anniversary in some way.

Note that the bag is in keeping with his recent costume redesign...but the coat is not the blue colour it was and actually looks a bit like 9's leather coat....hmmm....Veeeery interesting.

Can we please see a Time War era 8?