Blogtor Who is proud to announce that next month sees the WORLD PREMIERE of two brilliant Doctor Who documentaries at the MIDNIGHT Convention. The event, taking place in Birmingham, UK, from Dec 14-16, features DAVID TENNANT, BILLIE PIPER and many other great names (visit the site for details HERE).

The two films, to be released next year on DVD, will be shown to attendees who will also be treated to a panel featuring the director and BAFTA nominee, Chris Chapman, and the man behind the "classic" Doctor Who DVD range, Dan Hall. (Blogtor will be hosting this panel, incidentally.) Details on the two documentaries below.

A Dandy and a Clown: the Life of Jon Pertwee
A delirious 43 minute trip through the action-packed life and career of The Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, with contributions from the friends and colleagues that knew and loved him best. This documentary will ultimately be available on the Spearhead from Space blu-ray release.

Hadoke vs HAVOC
Hot on the heels of Looking for Peter and Living with Levene, Toby Hadoke sets out for a third challenge - to track down and reunite Doctor Who's legendary stunt-team, HAVOC, for one last job. This documentary will ultimately be available on the Inferno Special Edition DVD release.

There are a few tickets left for the MIDNIGHT Convention (and we really mean there are just a few) - buy tickets HERE.

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