Doctor Who Night in London

From 16 to 20 January 2013, Ciné Lumière will hold the second edition of Totally Serialized, England’s only TV series festival. It will showcase the best of new productions from both sides of the Channel and also European TV shows – so Londoners can enjoy their favourite shows (The Thick of It, Spiral, Skins, Doctor Who) on the big screen or attend world premieres of tomorrow’s cult series (Jo, Flight of the Storks).

The highlight of the festival will be the Doctor Who Night on Saturday 19 January, during which three of the scariest episodes post-2005 will be screened: The God Complex, followed by a Q&A with Toby Whithouse, Blink and Midnight.  There will also be guests, drinks, costumes, music and a Doctor Who quiz.

For more information about the night and the festival itself, visit the Totally Serialized site HERE.

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