Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jenna-Louise Coleman talks 50th

Jenna-Louise Coleman (who played Clara in The Snowmen) was interviewed by UK "newspaper" The Sun recently and spoke about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, the actress told the tabloid:
"... the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who will be epic – Steven Moffat said it will be something we’ll talk about in our dotage and he’s right. So watch this space!"
Coleman will soon be seen in the BBC drama, Dancing On The Edge, which she also talks about in the interview; you can read the full piece HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of dotage, In "the Snowmen" Clara is wearing a wedding ring. Who do you think she was planning on growing old with?

Helena said...

It's not a wedding ring, it's on her middle finger not her ring finger. :)

Timelord said...

They said it about Merlin and the said it about the Snowmen, but both It was not that great as expected. So when Moffat says, the 50th will be amazing, I have my doubts.

Nathaniel Dooley said...

I think it will be fantastic, I think he's planning to bring back some if not all the previous Doctors and Companions.

voodoobluesman said...

mmmm...heard this kind of thing before. Got excited. Got Disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Oh I get it now. Clara represents the actual TV series.

1. Her name is Oswald. Her shipmate on the Alaska was named Harvey. Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK the same day Doctor Who was set to first air.

2. She dies in "the Snowmen" at age 26. The original series was cancelled after 26 seasons.

3. She breaks the 4th wall and talks right to the camera at the end of "Asylum".

4. The GI first arrives in 1842. Then needs 50 years to realize its goals until stopped by Clara and the Doctor. The show is 50 years old.

5. Doctor Who was cancelled twice. Once in 1989. Again following the failed American series in 1996. Clara Oswin Oswald has died twice.