Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Royal Mail reveals Doctor Who stamps

The Royal Mail has announced that 2013 will see a collection of Doctor Who stamps released in the UK to celebrate the 50th Anniverary. The "First Class" range features all eleven actors to play The Doctor. Click on the images included for bigger versions.

The "Second Class" set will feature four of the show's "villains" - a Dalek, Ood, Weeping Angel and Cyberman. There will also be a First Class stamp featuring the TARDIS, see below. The stamps will be released on March 26, 2013.

The Snowmen - behind~the~scenes
Series 7 Part 2 - Coming Soon trail
The Snowmen - What Did YOU Think?
The New Title Sequence
UKTV to air classic Who in 2013 [Update]


Lachlan Firth said...

Oh God people can now post you the image of an angel we are all doomed

Anonymous said...

At least they used red-eyed Ood rather than branding all Ood as villains. Now to figure out how to get a full set of stamps from the US.

peterlc said...

What happened to a stamp of Peter Cushing who played Dr Who in the movies in the sixties?