The Snowmen - Vastra's "human" hands [UPDATE!]

One of the latest promotional images from The Snowmen, this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, has possibly revealed some new information about the character of Madame Vastra*. If you look "closely" you'll notice that her hands her most definitely human. Now either one of two things has happened here:

(a) The is simply an error on behalf of the production team. Normally, Vastra wears gloves so her hands wouldn't be "made up" like the rest of her. (That's right, she's not real.)

(2) That Vastra is human in some form.

And check out the TARDIS, how battered does it look? Just what went on there? Also worth noting is the London Underground tin here which shows the famous logo designed in 1908. The Snowmen is set in 1892. So either:

(1) The is simply an error on behalf of the production team. 

(b) The Doctor (or Vastra) has travelled in time and brought the item back.

The official site has now removed this picture.... Curious.
Wonder if the intials on the door had anything to with it?

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