Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Snowmen - Vastra's "human" hands [UPDATE!]

One of the latest promotional images from The Snowmen, this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, has possibly revealed some new information about the character of Madame Vastra*. If you look "closely" you'll notice that her hands her most definitely human. Now either one of two things has happened here:

(a) The is simply an error on behalf of the production team. Normally, Vastra wears gloves so her hands wouldn't be "made up" like the rest of her. (That's right, she's not real.)

(2) That Vastra is human in some form.

And check out the TARDIS, how battered does it look? Just what went on there? Also worth noting is the London Underground tin here which shows the famous logo designed in 1908. The Snowmen is set in 1892. So either:

(1) The is simply an error on behalf of the production team. 

(b) The Doctor (or Vastra) has travelled in time and brought the item back.

The official site has now removed this picture.... Curious.
Wonder if the intials on the door had anything to with it?


Fire at Willz said...

I'm guessing the London Underground thing is a reference to "A Good Man goes to War" when Vastra says that the Doctor first met her in the London Underground trying to avenge the deaths of her sisters.

PinkTARDIS said...

I am going to say error for the hands and deliberate for the tin.

I’m actually more curious about the initials on the window behind them. What do they stand for?

Anonymous said...

Could this be the new "Rory's badge"?

Anonymous said...

The Great Intelligence....possibly.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty common for studios to use rehearsal images for publicity. Go hunting and you'll find a bunch of publicity images for the Key to Time era showing Romana wearing glasses, for example. And Tom Baker wearing a big Band-Aid on his lip. As for the tin, considering there's a TARDIS right behind that likely has everything in it from Moses' tablets to the 2013 Blu-ray release of Star Trek: Into Darkness, is it that unreasonable to think the Doctor might for some reason have brought that item out? Why is another question, of course. But DW gets a pass on a lot of things just because of the type of show it is.

clickclickdrone said...

Earlier pictures of Vastra showed her with pink, human looking lips, unlike what we saw her like in A Good Man Goes To War. So is that linked to the human hands seen here?

GerryD said...

Two possibilities - playing with us, or it is the long awaited return of you know who from the classic series...

James Grayh said...

Deliberate for the tin, but *sort of* an error for the hands.

This shot, I think, must be taken during an on-set rehearsal, when cast members don't have to wear their whole costume. For example, some on-set pictures for Silence in the Library had River Song shown in her spacesuit wearing trainers, rather than the spacesuit boots.