TV & Satellite Week Snowmen feature

UK listings magazine TV & Satellite Week has a two-page feature on the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Snowmen, and includes some interesting information about the episode and the future. Discussing the Clara/Oswin conundrum, the magazine states:
"... are the two characters connected? Don't hold your breath waiting for answers. the 26-year-old actress hints it may be a while before the link between Oswin and Clara is fully explained." 
Jenna-Louise Coleman told them:
"... she's a different character. The connection is that I'm playing them both. But as to why, that will only be explained in the episodes next year."
 Talking about his future on the show, Matt Smith says:
"I'm committed to making the 50th Anniversary. After that, I'll sit down with Steven Moffat and see where we go next."
Click on the scans for bigger versions. Thanks to Daren Thomas.

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