Thursday, January 24, 2013

50th Anniversary site launched

Earlier today the BBC rolled out the new Doctor Who 50th Anniversary website - check it out HERE. It features guides to each Doctor, the companions, the monsters, clips from episodes, games, news and much, much more! 


liminalD said...

Pretty excited about this - the companion and monster profile pages they've put up so far are pretty damn gorgeous, and it looks like there'll be a sort of 'vote' for favourite companion/monster and Doctor through the facebook 'likes' on each. The results for the monsters will be pretty predicatble - the main NuWho monsters (Daleks, Weeping Angels, the Silence, Cybermen, Sontarans etc) will beat the classic series critters just because the NuWho audience are unfamiliar with the older enemies. I'd expect the results for the Doctor and Companion to have similar results, with Rose, Donna and the Ponds having a strong showing alongside Sarah Jane, and Matt Smith being voted most popular Doctor just because he's the current one, but still, looks fun :)

Anonymous said...

Just as long as the stuff is viewable outside the UK I'll be happy. That said, after a couple of years where non-UK viewers could barely see anything without getting the "not available in your region" message, the main BBC DW site has gotten a lot better. Does anyone know if the 50th anniversary site is going to include any original content by way of stories or webisodes? I also think it would be great if they were able to, for example, include Captain Jack's Monster Files from the original site, or stuff like Attack of the Graske which folks weren't able to see outside the UK the first time around.