News Round Up

Picture courtesy of Ben Morris
News in the world of Doctor Who continues despite no new Who till April! Here's a round~up of the latest in case you missed any juicy tidbits. Read the last one HERE.

Steven Moffat interview
First 50th Anniversary eshort announced!
The Blogtor Who Top 50 - No. 47
David Tennant talks 50th Anniversary
Billie Piper talks 50th Anniversary
50th: Doctor Who eshorts
Jenna-Louise Coleman talks 50th

Penguin Children’s Doctor Who 2013 books 
Harlequin Goldsmiths Celebrate 50th Anniversary with jewellery and more!
The Ark In Space and The Aztecs DVD art 
DVD REVIEW: The Reign Of Terror

Doctor Who Night in London 
K-9 on Stargazing Live
Doctor Who NTA Nominations
The Blogtor Who Readers' Poll 2012
Billie Piper on The Graham Norton Show
David Tennant in Spies of Warsaw
10 Moments That Made You Go WHAAA??
The Blogtor Who Review of 2012