The Blogtor Who Readers' Poll 2012

The votes are IN and they've all been counted! here's what you guys thought was the very best of Doctor Who in 2012. Thanks to the many hundreds of you that voted!

10. Asylum of the Daleks "prequel"
Steven Moffat's "prequel" (*coughs*) to the series' opener bizarrely got released Stateside before it was made available in the UK (*looks at the BBC*). It's a fascinating little feature that does lead very nicely into Asylum of the Daleks. 0.2% of you remembered it well enough to vote.

9. P.S. What Happened to Brian and the Ponds?
This lovely little addendum to The Angels Take Manhattan from writer Chris Chibnall (who pops up thrice more in this list) answered some questions many of us had regarding Brian Pond. A great shame the production team didn't get round to filming this scene, absolutely wonderful. And some of you thought that too, getting 0.4% of the vote.

8. Good As Gold
This little beauty was written by The Children of Ashdene School for the Script to Screen competition.  It's not often you get to see an Olympic Torch Bearer AND a Weeping Angel in the TARDIS, perhaps why it gained 0.5% of the vote.

7. Pond Life
The final of the "extra" episodes in the Top 10, this more substantial five-parter from the lovely Chris Chibnall proved to be immensely popular indeed; brimming with huge dollops of humour (thanks Ood on the loo) and then stabbing us with some nasty emotive spikes. Gathered 1.5% of your votes.

6. A Town Called Mercy
The first of the "proper" episodes in the Poll is the cinematic offering from Toby Whithouse that throw up a gun-toting Doctor, suicidal enemy/was-he-actually-a-good-guy? and cyborg enemy/was-he-actually-a-good-guy? You can read the Blogtor Who review HERE. The Western got 5.1% of the vote.

5. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
Chibbers is back with the final of his entries and this really had the "blockbuster" feel with spaceships and, wait for it, dinosaurs! The Doctor got a new team who proved to be fun but revelation was Rory's dad Brian, who everyone fell in lurve with immediately. I say everyone, the story won 6.1% in votes. You can read the Blogtor Who review HERE

4. The Power of Three
Chris Chibnall pops up again with his delightful take on everyday life with The Ponds. Steven "The Guv'nor" Berkoff may have been criminally underused but 8.4% of you were on-side with The Invasion of the Cubes. You can read the Blogtor Who review HERE

3. The Angels Take Manhattan
Steven Moffat's finale didn't rate as highly as the opener but certainly proved hugely popular with 20% of you loving it. As enjoyable as it was, we left with certain questions - namely, why is the Statue of Liberty a Weeping Angel? (It's not stone, you know.) Though, one wonders, if the real reason The Doctor was so upset at the end was the fact that Amy chose to leave him, rather than he could never see her again (which, let's be honest, if he put his mind to it he could).

2. Asylum of the Daleks
Just edging ahead of Steven Moffat's well-loved/feared creations The Weeping Angels, were The Doctor's oldest foes, The Daleks. But, of course, stealing the show was the introduction of Oswin Oswald, played by new gal Jenna-Louise Coleman. The return of the mad little bastards got 27.9% of the vote and you can read the Blogtor Who review HERE.

1. The Snowmen
And the top three belong to SteeMo! Oddly, in last year's Top 3, the little guy only had one entry (and that was at Number Three). The 2012 Christmas Special proved to be absolutely adored by all (well, almost), and quite rightly too. Who could fail to enjoy the antics of Team Vastra and utterly adore the second coming of Jenna-Louise Coleman? It won 29.8% of the vote.

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