My Life - I Am Ethan documentary

Next week on CBBC sees a film from Doctor Who DVD documentary maker, Chris Chapman. My Life - I Am Ethan is the story of profoundly-deaf 10-year-old Ethan, and his efforts to set up his own rock band - and features a very strong Doctor Who flavour! Click on the pictures included here for bigger versions. Speaking to Blogtor Who, BAFTA nominated Chapman said:

"I actually met Ethan during the filming at Toby Hadoke's house for Looking for Peter (Ethan is Toby's stepson), he just bounded up to me with this amazing confidence, and I thought he was a really interesting young chap. He's also a HUGE Doctor Who fan, so we've let that have a big impact on the look of the programme. I loved the idea that he wouldn't arrive at a location in a boring old car, but instead IN THE TARDIS!

We've had amazing support from Edward Russell and the BBC team on Doctor Who, as well as the likes of Bob Baker and the Terry Nation estate. Having our voiceover delivered by John Leeson as K9, with the help of Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks was really the icing on the cake."

You can watch My Life - I Am Ethan on the CBBC Channel on Tues March 5 at 5.45pm and will be available on the BBC iPlayer - watch it HERE.