The Daily Dalek

“It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for.”

As the Daily Dalek enters its last 100 strips it shows no sign of letting up in the slightest. Indeed its creator, Tone Cartoons, makes a mockery of Steven Moffat’s opinion that you can overexpose the public to Daleks on a daily basis.Tone brings a balanced mix of observational and visual humour to his strip as well the odd inspired pun. You’re just never quite sure which direction the Daily Dalek is going to be moving on any given day, free wheeling from one strip to the other.

The Daily Dalek stands out from other web comics like a Who obsessed offspring of ‘The Far Side’ echoing it’s sense of imagery and foregoing it’s competitors need for an ongoing narrative. Whilst the rest of us struggle to take one idea and stretch it over as many strips as we can manage Tone is unafraid to come up with a brand new idea for every day, taking the Daleks as a general theme rather than the plot point they might have become in less skilled hands.

Very few areas of geekdom have been left untouched by the Daily Dalek yet the strip still manages to surprise and entertain with each new strip.  Even slipping in the odd surprise game, animation and T-Shirt.

Many web comics nearing their natural end are mired in continuity and require an extensive knowledge of the archive to work out just what’s going on with each fresh strip. While The Daily Dalek will be as accessible on its last day as it was on its first. In fact there’s a incredibly high chance that you’ve seen one of the strips in your travels around the Whovian Net, even if they’re not always credited.

So, if you haven’t been reading the Daily Dalek then now is the time to dive in and catch up on the archive before Tone brings his creation into the final furlong.

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Author: Alasdair Shaw