Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blogtor on Good Day Sacramento

Earlier today Blogtor was a guest on the US television show, Good Day Sacramento - watch the interview in the player below. The show was a Doctor Who Special, celebrating the return of the show tonight on BBC America. The Bells of Saint John also airs tonight on BBC One whilst it airs in Poland, South Africa and Australia tomorrow. My thanks to Jonathan Carlyle for recording this!

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You can also watch the segment on the official site HERE.


Anonymous said...

well done Cam, thats what i like about american birds...... fuck all,
still a good bit of exposure for you and the site, good luck with whatever you have in the pipes next after the book

shadow said...

Brilliant mate. I wish I lived a bit more north so I could've watched that live.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Cameron! Love your site and will look for your book later this year. No quetions about Steve Silent & Jimmy Big Hands?

Cameron McEwan said...

Thanks all!