DWM Special Edition The Missing Episodes – The First Doctor

Today sees the release of Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition: The Missing Episodes – The First Doctor. Check out the cover (click on it for a bigger version) and details below.

Sadly, 106 Doctor Who episodes from the 1960s aren't currently held in the BBC's Archives. The original videotapes were erased, and although film recordings for many early episodes were retained, others seem lost forever.

Fortunately for fans, some of these missing episodes survive in telesnap form – these are photographic images that were taken of television screens as the stories were originally broadcast. This 100-page Special from Doctor Who Magazine presents all of the lost episodes from the First Doctor's era that still exist in telesnap form, featuring the stories MARCO POLO, THE CRUSADE, THE SAVAGES, THE SMUGGLERS and THE TENTH PLANET.

There's also a fascinating feature on the man who took these telesnaps, JOHN CURA – and a look at how and why these classic pieces of television were lost from the archives. Fill the gap in your collection, with Doctor Who Magazine: The Missing Episodes – The First Doctor! It's out now, price £5.99.