Freema Agyeman talks 50th

Popular actress Freema Agyeman, who older readers may remember played Martha Jones, has taken to Twitter to discuss her involvement in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, she tweeted:

Involvement in DW 50th anniversary? : I'm contributing 2a programme for BBC AMERICA but not involved in the drama. Excited 2watch tho! X

This would confirm, possibly, that the actress will be involved in a documentary for BBC America but not in the actual 50th Anniversary Special episode. Freema, currently starring in The Carrie Diaries, hasn't ruled out a return though, tweeting:

Would I play Martha Jones again? : Yes - under the right circumstances ie character development opportunity. X

For those curious and not knowledgeable about such things, the "2" stands for the word "to" whilst the "X" denotes a kiss*.

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