Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moffat - Clara mystery resolved in 8 eps

Website has been speaking to Steven Moffat about the upcoming series and the mystery of new companion Clara (played by Jenna-Louise Coleman). The current showrunner said:

"She's the insolvable mystery and the enigma, and he's the one chasing after her. The Doctor wants to solve the mystery of Clara. You will uncover the mystery of Clara in the next eight episodes. All will be made clear. You'll get your answer."

Read the full interview HERE.

Thanks to Shaunna Murphy


Amanda said...

I just wanna know why Captain Jack won't be in the 50th! Uncool, Moffat. Uncool.

Milaxx said...

JB posted on twitter that they are "in talks" to have Jack on the 50th

nel said...

i guess the question is, how many of us care? Not sure how much I do at this point. the mystery of River, the mystery of Amy, yada yada yada. make me care more about the *characters* themselves, first, Moffat.