Birds Eye celebrate National Fish Fingers & Custard Day

Tomorrow in the UK (Wednesday 3rd April) sees the launch of "National Fish Fingers and Custard Day" - a nod to the Eleventh Doctor's discovery of the delicacy in the 2010 episode, The Eleventh Hour. Food manufacturers Birds Eye have produced a bespoke pack of fish fingers just for Matt Smith - replacing their Captain Birds Eye with The Doctor. Click on the pics for bigger versions and check out the press release below:

"Special edition fish fingers, with Captain Birdseye stepping aside for Dr Who, have been created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the hit TV show and mark the launch of National Fish Fingers and Custard Day (Wednesday 3rd April) the favourite food of the eleventh incarnation of the doctor.

The bespoke pack featuring the Doctor has been sent to Matt Smith, the eleventh incarnation of the famous character, along with a year's supply of Birds Eye Fish Fingers."

Please note: these won't be available in stores. (And it's not a late April Fool either!)

Thanks to Stephen Lepitak