REVIEW: Plague of The Cybermen audiobook

Plague of The Cybermen audiobook
By Justin Richards

Read by David Warner with Nicholas Briggs as the Cybermen

Review by Emrys Matthews

Plague of The Cybermen is one of the latest of the new series adventures novels and an audiobook from AudioGo, that features Matt Smith’s companionless Eleventh Doctor.

The Doctor Arrives in the 19th century in a village called Klimtenburg, which is presumably meant to be in Russia. He finds the residents suffering from some kind of plague. Victims are dying horribly and then rising from their graves as the Plague Warriors. The Doctor thinks he knows what is really going on but when some of his oldest enemies awaken he realises that he may have been mistaken.

The stand-alone, light-reading novel by Justin Richards is a fairly typical adventure which, perhaps by definition, isn’t able to do anything too meaningful or deep; to me these limitations reflect the current series' seemingly unfocussed direction. The adventure takes place after The Snowmen but before The Bells Of Saint John, taking the advantage of exploring a companionless Eleventh Doctor. I’m confident that I’m not spoiling too much and that you may have guessed the plague actually turns out to be the Cybermen harvesting bodies.

The story is written in such a way that non-Who fans should warm to and understand, and the character of The Doctor is introduced at an easing pace by the defacto companion, school teacher, Olga. Justin Richards brings all of his Who knowledge and experience to this bleak and engaging adventure whilst still keeping it open as a good book for novice fans looking to get started.

Screen legend David Warner (who recently appeared in the episode Cold War) really brings the story to life. His Matt Smith impression is wonderful and at times laugh out loud hilarious. It’s worth a listen just to hear his lively interpretation of the various characters. Doctor Who monster-voice-man Nicholas Briggs lends his lungs as the Cybermen, which helps brings proceedings to a more legitimate level.

Plague of The Cybermen won’t change your life but it’s an enjoyable, atmospheric adventure for Matt Smith sans his regular companion that I would recommend for new to Who fans.


Thanks to AudioGo

Review by Emrys Matthews

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