Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Crimson Horror episode synopsis

The BBC has released the episode synopsis of the the Doctor Who Series 7 episode, The Crimson Horror - check it out below. The story, written by Mark Gatiss and featuring the return of Team Vastra, will be the 100th episode of Doctor Who since its return in 2005. It airs in the UK and North America on May 4 and in Poland, South Africa and Australia the following day. Visit The Crimson Horror section for pics, clips and news HERE. Episode synopsis:

"There’s something very odd about Mrs Gillyflower’s Sweetville mill, with its perfectly clean streets and beautiful people. 

There’s something even stranger about the bodies washing up in the river, all bright red and waxy. When the Doctor and Clara go missing, it’s up to Vastra, Jenny and Strax to rescue them before they too fall victim to the Crimson Horror!"


Graeme said...

I note Dame Diana is on the Andrew Marr show on the 28th.

Paul Mount said...

I do hope this isn't a Doctor-lite job. irritating as the Doctor is at the moment, an episode focussing on "Team Vastra" would be a liberty too far.