Saturday, June 1, 2013

Matt Smith leaves Doctor Who on BBC News

Tonight's evening edition of the BBC News featured a piece on Matt Smith and his departure from Doctor Who - watch it in the player above. The video contains behind~the~scenes footage from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special featuring David Tennant and Smith.

Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who 

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Lynn Simpson said...

I'm so stunned. Sad. Wonder how American fans will ever get to see him work again. Want to go lay down now.

Anonymous said...

I want Stephen Moffat to leave, not Matt Smith. I'd probably quit too after the atrocious season 7 we just suffered through.

Bax Man said...

All hail Matt Smith for 4 years of awesomeness. Just think; no.12 has likely been cast n is out there, biting his/her tongue...

Anonymous said...

He can not leave doctor who!!!!!!!!!! He got to meney people connected to him.

holdmeRansom said...

After mourning David Tennant's departure ( my send fave Doctor after the wonder Tom Baker whom I grew up with as the Doctor) it took some time for me to get used to Matt Smith- but had just come to really enjoy his incarnation this last season. So I am sad to hear he is leaving.

That said- I don't think any bigger names will or should be chosen. As much as I'd like cantankerous Hugh as an older Doctor (and why not an older Doctor again?), I like seeing the fresh enthusiasm I see in the younger crowds these days.

I would actually enjoy one of the Phelps brothers as perhaps the next Doctor. James and Oliver have an enjoyable mischief to them and they made fine gingers. ;)
The question would be which one?
Feminist that I am, I just can't see the Doctor as a woman though.

Anonymous said...

I really liked Matt Smith much better than Tennant. Tennant just never seemed like "the Doctor" to me because the Doctor is an outcast and has this theme of being a lonely wanderer. Tennant is just too "Mr. Popular" to ever sell me on being an outcast lonely wanderer. Tennant is more like the life of the party, throwing bashes on the weekend with tons of friends.

Matt Smith sells me on being that lonely, almost desperate wanderer. He is a vastly superior Doctor to Tennant for that reason.

I fear the next recast will try to recapture Tennant's portrayal as "life of the party". Let's hope not.