Wednesday, July 3, 2013

50th Anniversary features "three different Doctors" in TARDIS

During a visit by the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall to the Doctor Who studios at Roath Lock in Cardiff, both Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman revealed some new information about upcoming episodes, including the 50th Anniversary Special. Speaking to Charlie in the TARDIS set, Jenna said:

"We finished [filming] about two months ago. We had three different Doctors in here and we shot on 3D as well." Questioned by the "Royal", Jenna elaborated: "Yeah, three different Doctors. John Hurt, and David Tennant was back and Matt. Three different Doctors playing against each other."

Matt Smith also told Mrs Prince of Wales that the 2013 Christmas Special was his "last hurrah".

Visit the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special section HERE for more news and info.


Tennisball said...

That settles that then. just two Doctors and John Hurt. what a shame. Jenna would not lie to a royal (is that treason?).

Mister said...

But then again, all she gave away was a small scene with four characters (including Clara) we already knew about. So really, she never said anything other than they are together for a scene.

Anonymous said...

Blogtor, you're better than this. Reporting on it is all well and good, but there is no "new information" here and repeatedly writing on twitter that Jenna's "confirmed" there will only be three Doctors in the episode is blatantly untrue and will only serve to disappoint people when they click through.

Anonymous said...

What a miserable anniversary year this is, half a season left over from last year, no new season this year, and, to cap it off, no old doctors in an anniversary that should have celebrated the past. Moffat stinks.