Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BFI: Doctor Who at 50 update

The BFI have announced details of the upcoming screenings as part of their fantastic Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebrations:

• Next month sees the Christopher Eccleston era remembered with Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways, August 24 at 2pm.

• September will honour the David Tennant years with The Stolen Earth/Journey's End on Sept 29 at 2pm (this is a Sunday screening).

• The Paul McGann TV Movie, Doctor Who, will be shown on Oct 5 at the earlier time of 10am. So far no guests have been announced for these three screenings (will keep you updated).

It’s also worth noting that although these events take place in two different months the member’s ballot for each event will take place at the same time (this is because the London Film Festival falls in mid October and the guide for September therefore includes the first week of October as well).

As previously reported, this Saturday sees a screening of Remembrance of the Daleks - full details HERE. The event is sold out, though you can always queue for returns on the day.
Thanks to the BFI


Ozzy Baxter said...

Wait.....why are they suddenly flipping it around now? Weren't they doing them in order, with each Doctor and era per month? But, now Eccleston will be in August (8th) Tennant in September (9th) and McGann in October (10th)? Well....I think that pretty much proves McGann comes back for the 50th. They're ramping-up to expose his outing to the public as near the 50th as they can... :)

Cameron McEwan said...

Ozzy, as previously reported, the screenings were switched due to guest availability.

The October date was the only one Paul could manage.

Ozzy Baxter said...

Thanks for the "logic" and "facts" Cameron. I'd prefer to fantasize for the moment... ;p LOL!

bromley001 said...

To be fair, the Eccleston/Tennant screenings are only a few *days* short of being in the 'correct' month... ;)