Cleaning Up with Mark Gatiss & Louise Jameson

Doctor Who audio producers Big Finish are looking to make their first feature film - a movie-length version of the short film, Cleaning Up, which starred Louise Jameson, Mark Gatiss and Tracy-Ann Oberman (Army of Ghosts/Doomsday) and voice of the Daleks, Nicholas Briggs. The film, written and directed by The Guerrier Brothers (who have produced a number of excellent Who documentaries, amongst other things), is looking for funding and you can find out more in the player above.

Cleaning Up can be purchased from the Big Finish site HERE, where all money made goes to making the big screen version! Click on the EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes images of Louise Jameson and Mark Gatiss on the set of Cleaning Up below for bigger versions.

You can also watch another film from Simon Guerrier, Modern Man, in the player below. The short film has a number of Doctor Who connections: it stars Sean Knopp (The Bells of Saint John), the Director of Photography is Dale McCready who shot The Rings of Akhaten and the stunt-co-ordinator is Dani Biernat who regularly doubles for Jenna Coleman.

Thanks to Simon Guerrier