Blogtor stars in Doctor Who play at Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

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Edinburgh Fringe, C Venues, Aug 14 to 26

You are hereby invited to join the Doctor in the TARDIS. Her TARDIS!

There are four Doctor Who-themed shows at Edinburgh Fringe in 2013 - this is the only one starring a female Doctor. See Jennifer Lusk (Photographing the Dead, Edinburgh Fringe 2012) playing Ash Williams playing the Fifth Doctor, originally played by Peter Davison.

“The Doctor is an alien with two hearts, why can’t she be an alien with two hearts and two breasts,” she asks, a week out from the opening of Who Are You Supposed To Be? – an off-beat romantic comedy about two science fiction fans who meet at Nerd-vana, a convention in London. Lusk will be joined on stage by Doctor Who fan and Doctor Who news blogger, Cameron K McEwan – better known as Blogtor Who. “Don’t we all want to be the Doctor? That’s part of what the play addresses.”

There was some consternation about maybe having to re-write the play, after Matt Smith announced his departure. So what do these Who fans think of the casting of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor? “It’s hard to be disappointed when an actor of Peter Capaldi’s character is cast in such an iconic role,” said playwright, Keith Gow. "It's actually really exciting."

“Our show addresses the controversy over wanting to cast a female Doctor, but that spins into a wider discussion about how even in a place where we meet people we have a lot in common with, sometimes we’re not as inviting as we think we are,” Lusk explains.

Who Are You Supposed To Be? is a romantic comedy about two nerds who meet at a science fiction – and wonder if they’ve found the right time and the right space to fall in love. They’d be star-crossed lovers (Wars and Trek, obviously) if they weren’t already so drawn together by their love of science fiction, fantasy and being such big fans of... each other.

TARDIS suitcase prop
produced by IssyVB
Who Are You Supposed To Be?
by Keith Gow
Starring Jennifer Lusk and Cameron K. McEwan
Directed by Emrys Matthews
C Venues – C Aquila, August 14 to 26, 15:40

PLEASE NOTE: This show is NOT suitable for under 12s


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