Saturday, August 31, 2013

Churchill to return to Who? [UPDATE]

Speaking at a Doctor Who event at The Ritz Cinema & Theatre in Lincoln earlier today, actor Ian McNeice revealed that the character of Winston Churchill would make another appearance in Doctor Who. Their Twitter feed stated:

It is not currently known what episode McNeice was referring to, or which Doctor (or Doctors) he would be facing. Churchill was last seen in the Series 6 finale, The Wedding of River Song.

UPDATE: The initial tweet has been deleted, seems they might have misinterpreted his words.

Thanks to energyUK


tvstudies said...

Im at the convention and im not sure if its a spoiler as such or more touting for a return, as he did say the latter too.

Anonymous said...

Not going to develop any new characters then are you?

James Spiring said...

That tweet seems to have deleted.

William Rehnquist said...

Bring a time traveling Ronald Reagan into the show!


Anonymous said...

I personally really disliked the Churchill character, written like an episode of Sliders. But, he is one of the 11th's returnees, so it's not surprising to find him in the 50th years megamix of hurried tie ups.