McGann & Tennant to attend BFI screenings

The BFI have revealed that two former (and possibly future depending on when you're reading this) actors to play The Doctor will attend respective screenings of their work at the BFI later this year. As previously announced, The Stolen Earth and Journey's End will screen on Sept 29 at 2pm and David Tennant will be in attendance at the Q&A panel after the episodes. The following weekend sees a big screen performance of the 1996 TV Movie on Oct 5 (at the special time of 10am) and will see an appearance from Paul McGann.

Joining McGann will be Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs (Big Finish Productions), Gary Russell (writer), Andrew Cartmel (Seventh Doctor script editor and writer), Geoffrey Sax (director), Daphne Ashbrook (Dr Grace Holloway). The event will be followed by a signing at the BFI Shop of advance copies of the new BBC 50th anniversary book: Doctor Who - The Vault with author Marcus Hearn.

Both events are currently sold out, but it's always worth checking with the website and even turning up on the day for returns (it does happen!).

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