AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Read by Sophie Aldred

4 disc set
Out now

Review by Phillip Rowntree

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy is the latest audiobook from AudioGo and is a brand new retelling of Stephen Wyatt’s Seventh Doctor adventure.

First things first, there was a pang of disappointment upon first playing this adventure; the cover art informs us the adventure is read by Lalla Ward however it didn’t take me long to acknowledge the recognisable tones of Sophie Aldred.  After further inspection, all other references throughout the CD notifies us its is Aldred reading it, so don’t be too distracted by the cover.

The Doctor and Ace land on Segonax to following the surprising appearance of a "junk mail" satellite in the TARDIS console room pontificating the delights of the Psychic Circus and it’s talent contest, which, of course, the Doctor is keen to enter.

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy is one of my favourite adventures featuring Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor, but does the audio adventure do it justice.  The answer is sadly, on this occasion, no.

While AudioGo have produced a fine recording, with some excellent incidental music choices and foley work, Aldred’s recitation is frankly bland.  Her desperate attempts at a Scottish accent do more to alienate me from the story than they do to make it clear when the Doctor is talking. Amongst the other character’s she voices where an accent is less important, she lacks the intention or energy of the dialogue as is subsequently described in the dialogue. The only place Aldred shines is, understandably, when she voices Ace but I would have been beyond shocked if this had not been executed properly.

Wyatt’s adventure is incredibly descriptive and I think given a better retelling it would have shone more. But as it stands it is hard going, even for a fan of the story such as myself.

Thanks to AudioGo

Review by Phillip Rowntree

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