News Round Up

Despite no new episodes on telly, news comes in thick and fast in the world of Doctor Who - and some juicy nuggets may have passed you by. Collected here is a round-up of the very latest news. Don't forget you can follow Blogtor Who on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news on Doctor Who - follow HERE. Read the last news round~up HERE.

BBC reveal TV and radio celebrations
The Day of the Doctor promo posters
50th Anniversary Special title revealed
John Hurt talks about filming

Moffat chats about Matt Smith's final filming days
Filming pics
Video of Matt talking about wearing a wig

Moffat chats Capaldi
The Thick of It creator wants to write for Capaldi
Capaldi to use Scottish accent
Action figure in the works
Blogtor talks Capaldi on the BBC
Blogtor on Capaldi

Scream of the Shalka DVD
The Beast of Babylon ebook
Destiny of the Doctor - Enemy Aliens audio
Summer Falls audiobook
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy audiobook
Series 7 soundtrack
The Ice Warriors DVD
The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack audio
Doctor Who studio tours
Remembrance of the Daleks at the BFI
Fourth Doctor Time Capsule boxset

The Tenth Planet - DVD artwork and details
Doctor Who: Risk - The Dalek Invasion of Earth
Series 1-7 UK Bluray boxset
Special offer on Doctor Who DVDs
Charlie Higson writes Who ebook
Doctor & Dalek twin packs available online
PREVIEW: Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote
Official 50th Anniversary Figurine Collection
Official Seventh Doctor jumper and Fourth Doctor scarf
Eleventh Doctor Mr Potato Head
Terror of the Zygons DVD artwork and details
Complete Seventh Series DVD & Bluray boxset details [North America]
Complete Seventh Series DVD & Bluray boxset details [UK]

Tennant, Tate and McGann to attend BFI screenings
Teaser for documentary Who's Changing
The Doctors Revisited - The Ninth Doctor
BBC Drama showreel
Doctor Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Interview with Who documentary maker Chris Chapman
Steven Moffat interview