Will Brooks' 50 Year Diary Vol. 1: 1963 - 1969

In celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, Will Brooks sits down to watch every episode of the programme made between 1963 - 2013 at the strict pace of one per day.

Having watched each episode, Will records his thoughts in a daily blog for Doctor Who Online, and scores the episode out of ten, on a scale ranging from ‘Perfect, the absolute pinnacle’ to ‘Why am I doing this again?’

Will Brooks’ 50 Year Diary: 1963 - 1969 collects together more than 260 entries of the popular blog, covering the complete eras of the First and Second Doctors (William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton), and also includes exclusive entries for the two 1960s Dalek feature films starring Peter Cushing, and a foreword by Doctor Who writer Gareth Roberts, the Unicorn and the Wasp writer says:

"[Will’s] observations are fresh and often startling - his is a unique perspective on Doctor Who. I thought I knew all this stuff back-to-front but Will's jumping-bean prose snaps me out of my jadedness and I see it with new eyes.”

The paperback version of Will Brooks’ 50 Year Diary 1963 - 1969 is now available for pre-order from www.pageturnerpublishing.co.uk for £14.99, and will be released on November 4th 3013. 

The Kindle edition of the book is out now, and can be purchased from Amazon UK and US.