Former president and co-founder of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, Jan Vincent-Rudzki, has been in touch regarding a great book about the TARDIS he has written and researched. The book looks at the various different designs over the years in great detail. Jan was kind enough to show it to Blogtor and I can honestly say that it's a great piece of work with numerous amazing and unseen pictures from the past - an absolute joy for any fan. You can see a taster in the picture below.

Jan is looking to get the book published and is seeking support from fellow fans to show companies that it would be something of worth for the world of Doctor Who. Check out the details below:
• A large-format coffee-table book of original design plans and high-quality large photographs of the Doctor’s TARDIS interior - at least 250 pages.
• Each major development of the TARDIS set is covered, including the very original designs from 1963.
• Other TARDISes, time machines and devices that have appeared in the series are also included (such as the Rani’s TARDIS and the Daleks’ time machine).
• This book is the only chance to see 99% of these designs and images as they do not exist anywhere else.
If this fantastic book is something you would be interested in, do leave your thoughts in the comment section below.