An Adventure in Space & Time breakdown [SPOILERS]

Included here is a look at An Adventure in Space and Time, the genesis of Doctor Who drama written by Mark Gatiss, featuring some of the many references to Doctor Who. Click on the pics below for bigger versions. OBVIOUSLY, this post includes SPOILERS if you haven't watched An Adventure in Space & Time yet - do NOT keep reading as it will ruin your enjoyment of this amazing film. Check out Blogtor's spoiler~free review HERE.

It's a Cyberman! Filming on The Tenth Planet takes place with future Doctor Who director, Douglas Camfield (played by Sam Hoare) on the right.

Yay! It's the original companion himself, William Russell!

An array of possible choices for the First Doctor including: Leslie French (who would eventually appear in Silver Nemesis) and Cyril Cusack. Hugh David gets a look-in and he would go on to direct The Highlanders and Fury from the Deep. I'm pretty sure a young Geoffrey Bayldon is in there too.

As old Billy H revealed in a recently discovered interview, he's a "legitimate character actor of the stage and film." Said interview can be found on The Tenth Planet DVD.

"So many people have been at the birth of the thing, we'd be here all day." Very true. And wise of Gatiss to exercise his dramatic license too. For a full breakdown of the genesis of Doctor Who, go HERE.

In an interview with Blogtor earlier this year, writer Mark Gatiss said, "There's a wonderful memo about when they were thinking what the TARDIS would be and someone says, 'It could be covered in invisible paint!' I love that!" Full interview HERE.

It's the Guv'noress, Delia Derbyshire! (Played by Sarah Winter.)


COMPANION PHOTOCALLS! Rounding them up here from throughout the film, there's: Carole Ann Ford, Jacqueline Hill, Verity Lambert, William Russell, William Hartnell, Maureen O' Brien, Peter Purves, Jackie Lane, Anneke Wills and Michael Craze all portrayed by various actors and actresses.

Brave heart! That's what The Fifth Doctor used to/will say!

Great shot from inside a Dalek as filming begins on their first story.

CAMEO ROUND~UP! (Clockwise): Nick "Voice of the Daleks" Briggs (playing Peter "Voice of the Daleks" Hawkins); Carole Ann Ford (Susan) as roller-wearing Joyce; Jean Marsh (Sara Kingdom) and Anneke Wills (Polly); comedian Toby Hadoke as barman Cyril, and there's also an unseen Mark Gatiss talking to William Hartnell during the filming of The Massacre.

"You said gloves!" Well spotted young lady! He did you know. Go on and watch The Daleks, he says gloves! And then "drugs".

Naughty Bill! Chances are, he probably meant to say "fornicator" during filming for The Edge of Destruction. Cheeky chappy.

Classic ep alert - Marco Polo!

Another classic ep alert - The Reign of Terror! Also, fact fans, the Dalek suit was bought from a well-known internet auction site for the shoot.

First Doctor Who annual alert!

Some brilliant stuff from The Dalek Invasion of Earth with re-enactments of classic Dalek bridge-crossing action. Fact fans may note that Mark Gatiss himself played a Dalek in a recreation of the scene for the 30th Anniversary documentary, 30 Years in the TARDIS. There's also a rather method Robo~man irritating an already irascible Hartnell, due to the departure of his first companion. That famous goodbye scene is played out beautifully with a reprise of the actual televised scene at the end.

More classic ep alert action! It's The Web Planet!

"This old body of mine is good for a few years yet," echoes, "Unless this old body of mine is wearing a bit thin," from his finale, The Tenth Planet.

Heartbreaking moment as Hartnell breaks down during The Massacre.

"I don't want to go." Sound familiar?

Patrick Troughton (Reece Shearsmith) meets William Hartnell (David Bradley).

Uh-oh, it's emotion time again. Filming stops on The Tenth Planet as old Billy H looks up to see the future of his show, The Eleventh Doctor (as played by Matt Smith). Sadly, the two weren't actually together when this scene was filmed.

For more info and pics from An Adventure in Space and Time, visit HERE and pre~order the DVD HERE.