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Blogtor Who Guide to Doctor Who Series 8

Included here, for your delectation, is a round~up of all the news and info on Doctor Who Series 8. Please note, NO plot spoilers will be included here. This page will be updated as and when stuff happens!

• TV Guide gives away some majoer details about Series 8 HERE [SPOILERS!]

• Peter Capaldi talks Mondasian Cybermen, costume an NO flirting! Interview HERE.

• Mark Gatiss talks about Peter Capaldi HERE.

• There's a new title sequence with a new arrangement of the theme tune.

• Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman discuss the alien-ness of the new Doctor HERE and HERE.

• DVD and Bluray released in the UK on Nov 17 - details HERE.

• First official promo pic of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman HERE.

• First promo pic of Peter Capaldi in his new costume HERE

• Series 8 will see the introduction of recurring character Danny Pink, played by Samuel Anderson. First pic and details HERE. He revealed that he will have a little sister, played by Ellis George.

• Team Vastra (Neve McIntosh, Dan Starkey and Catrin Stewart) will return for at least one story, using sonic devices designed by winners of a Blue Peter competition. Watch the winning entries HERE. They are involved in the first episode to be filmed in 2014 (which will also be the first to air).

• UK singer Foxes to appear in Ep 8 - details HERE.

Murray Gold returns as the show's composer.

• Writer Chris Chibnall (Dinosaurs On A Spaceship, The Power of Three) would like to write for Doctor Who Series 8, see HERE. As would The Thick of It creator Armando Ianucci, see HERE.

Alex Kingston has hinted at a return.

• Clockwork Droids, first seen in The Girl in the Fireplace, are set for a return as are The Daleks.

• Steven Moffat chats about Capaldi as the Time Lord: "fiercer, madder, less reliable Doctor." Read more HERE.

• Producer Brian Minchin talks about Series 8 HERE.

• Filming pics have revealed a new alien - see HERE.

• Ep 3 star Tom Riley says Capaldi will "completely revitalise" Doctor Who. Interview HERE.

• Steven Moffat describes Capaldi as "terribly boyish and young at times". Read the interview HERE.

More pics HERE
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Ben Wheatley
Sees the return of Vastra, Jenny and Strax. Features scenes in their own era. Has a running time of 75 minutes (ish). Full cast list HERE.

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Promotional pics HERE.
Collection of pics from filming HERE.
More pics of Capaldi filming HERE.
Pictures of Capaldi and Jenna Coleman filming HERE and HERE.
Coming to DVD and Bluray - deets HERE.
Episode will screen in cinemas worldwide from Aug 23 - details HERE.
BBFC ratings analysis HERE - SPOILERS!
Watch the BFI Q&A with Capaldi, Coleman & Moffat HERE.

In SFX 251 Steven Moffat says, "What if your best friend was somebody else? It's really about Clara trying to cope with that - and whether or not she even likes who he is, mixed in with a truly terrifying monster."

From Radio Times: "Who frowned me this face?"
In late 1890-s London, swashbuckling detectives Vastra, Jenny and Strax are summoned to the banks of the Thames for a big surprise, and then an even bigger one. A new Doctor is in town, with mayhem in his wake. As Clara struggles to recognise the man she once thought she knew so well, killers stalk the capital. A slaughterhouse restaurant and a buried spaceship lead The Doctor into a confrontation with a long-forgotten foe...

Written by Phil Ford & Steven Moffat
Directed by Ben Wheatley
Stars Zawe Ashton (Fresh Meat), Michael Smiley (Ripper Street) and introducing Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink.

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Read the official synopsis HERE.
Cast list HERE.
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Watch 2 clips HERE.

Features the first appearance of new recurring character Danny Pink and the Daleks, Steven Moffat says in DWM 476: "What's the most dangerous place you put the Doctor, we wondered. And then we put him there. Oh, it's a proper blockbuster, this episode. So many explosions that Peter Capaldi came in on his day off to watch the Daleks blowing up."

In SFX 251 Steven Moffat says, "It's actually quite a gritty Dalek adventure. We go without question into the most dangerous place in the universe - the last place The Doctor should be, and you will know that by the end of the pre-titles..."

From Radio Times: "Imagine the worst thing in the universe, and then don't bother because you're looking at right now. This is evil refined as engineering."

What's the most dangerous place in the universe? Where is the last place The Doctor should ever stand? He's faced with his deadliest mission yet - a journey into the heart of darkness, one even he's scared to make. In the dying days of a bitter war, a beleaguered army has one last hope: a Dalek so damaged it has become good.  But can it be trusted? To find out, a miniaturised team, led by The Doctor and Clara, embark on a fantastic voyage into the Dalek itself...

Includes the word, "lasagne."

Written by Mark Gatiss
Directed by Paul Murphy
Stars: Ben Miller (Primeval) Tom Riley (St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold), Trevor Cooper (Revelation of the Daleks), Ian Hallard (An Adventure In Space & Time) and Roger Ashton-Griffiths (Game of Thrones) amongst others. 

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Watch a clip HERE
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Cast list HERE
Watch Next Time trail HERE
Official episode synopsis HERE.
Check out a gallery of pics HERE and HERE and HERE.
Check out some footage of filming HERE

Steven Moffat says in DWM 476: "A glorious heart-filling, action-packed romp, with a truly stellar guest performance from Tom Riley - it's like all of summer in 45 minutes, with sword fights."

In SFX 251 Steven Moffat says, "It's The Doctor meets Robin Hood. And it's about being a hero. The Doctor's going through a period of his life where he's worrying about whether he counts as a good man... It's very, very funny."

From Radio Times: "There's no such thing as Robin Hood!"
They meet at last! This island's greatest hero and defender of the innocent comes face to face with Robin hood! The only trouble is, according to The Doctor, Robin Hood can't be real. In a sun-dappled Sherwood Forest, The Doctor discovers an evil plan from beyond the stars. But with of Nottingham at stake (and possibly Derby), there's no time for the two adventurers to get into a fight about who is real and who isn't - which is probably why they do very little else!

Includes the word, "vegetables".

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Douglas Mackinnon
Filming began on this in Feb. Starring Robert Goodman (Game of Thrones) and Samuel Anderson as Orson Pink.

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Watch Doctor Who Extra HERE
Read Blogtor's spoiler~free preview HERE
Promo pics HERE
More promo pics HERE
TV trailer HERE
Next Time trailer HERE
Episode synopsis HERE
Moffat teases ep HERE.
Cast list HERE. [SPOILERS!]
Director discusses ep HERE

In SFX 251 Steven Moffat says, "A complete departure for me in terms of writing Doctor Who. A tiny guest cast, no CGI. It's the story of a date and The Doctor having what appears to be a mild nervous breakdown. There's a little germ of Coupling in it. It's actually quite a scary one. I sometimes wonder: "What does The Doctor do when there's nothing going on? Does he go and find something to poke a stick at?" Of course he must. Essentially it's downtime for The Doctor. But don't worry, it involves a monster."

From Radio Times: "What's that in the mirror, and the corner of your eye? What's the footstep following, but never passing by?"
What happens when The Doctor is alone - pacing the TARDIS by candlelight, poking the shadows with a stick, listening for a footfall among all those endless, empty rooms. What scares the grand old man of time? What horrors lurk under his bed? Ghosts of the past and future crowd into the lives of The Doctor and Clara; a terrified caretaker in a children's home, the last man standing in the universe, and a little boy who doesn't want to join the army...

Written by Stephen Thompson & Steven Moffat
Directed by Douglas Mackinnon
Starring Keeley Hawes (Ms Delphox), Jonathan Bailey (Broadchurch), and Pippa Bennett-Warner (Death in Paradise) join the cast. Filming began on this in Feb. See a picture of Keeley Hawes as Ms Delphox HERE. See some filming pics HERE. Hawes talks about filming HERE.

FREE audio commentary HERE
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Blogtor's spoiler~free review HERE
Doctor Who Extra

Watch an introduction from Capaldi, Moffat and Coleman HERE
Gallery of promo pics HERE
TV trailer HERE
Villains from classic Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures appearing HERE
Watch the Next Time HERE
Cast list HERE
Director discusses ep HERE
Episode synopsis HERE

Steven Moffat says in DWM 476: "I think this episode has the best pre-titles of the lot."
Includes the word, "shelf".

In SFX 251 Steven Moffat says, "It's like a heist movie done with Doctor Who. It's got a cracking monster in it."

From Radio Times: "Welcome to the bank of Karabraxos."
The Bank of Karabraxos is the deadliest bank in the cosmos - only a fool or genius would tempt to rob it. Fortunately, for The Doctor, he's both. With the help of a beautiful shape-shifter and cyber-augmented gamer, The Doctor and Clara fight their way past the most dangerous security system ever devised. But nothing even The Doctor has encountered can prepare them for the Teller: a creature of terrifying power that can detect guilt.

Written by Gareth Roberts & Steven Moffat
Directed by Paul Murphy
Stars Nigel Betts (Emmerdale), and Jimmy Vee (Voyage of the Damned) amongst others. Finished filming on April 12.

Download/stream FREE audio commentary with EXCLUSIVE remarks from Gareth Roberts HERE
What Did YOU Think? HERE
Watch Doctor Who Extra HERE
Spoiler~free review HERE
Watch a clip HERE
Watch an introduction from Capaldi, Coleman and Moffat HERE
Gallery of promo pics HERE
Watch the TV trailer HERE
Watch Next Time trailer HERE
Cast list HERE
Episode synopsis HERE
Filming report with video and pics HERE.

Steven Moffat says in DWM 476 that this episode is similar to The Lodger featuring "our hero bumoing into the real world," and a "cool robot".

Includes the word, "wink".

In SFX 251 Steven Moffat says, "An absolute hoot of an episode with some seriously surprising bits in it. If you did know somebody like The Doctor, and you did think it was okay to slip away with him, what effect would that have on your life? What would that do to the people around you?"

From Radio Times: "Human beings have incredibly short life-spans. Frankly, you should all be in a permanent state of panic. Tick tock, tick tock."
Clara has it all under control: her life at school, her life in space; her new boyfriend and her mad old Time Lord. Everything is humming along just fine, so long as everybody never actually meets. And then, one morning, just before assembly, Coal Hill welcomes a new relief caretaker with a Scottish accent. With Clara's world about to explode around her, terrifying events near the school make it clear that the rest of the world is about to do the same. The Skovox Blitzer is ready to destroy all humanity - and worse, any second now, Danny Pink and The Doctor are going to meet...

Courtesy of DoctorWhoFilming
Written by Peter Harness
Directed by Paul Wilmshurst
Stars Hermione Norris (The Crimson Field), Ellis George (who plays Danny Pink's sister), Tony Osoba (who will be familiar to fans having starred in Destiny of the Daleks and Dragonfire) and Phil Nice (who had a small part in Torchwood: Miracle Day).

Audio commentary - includes EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes facts from writer Peter Harness
What Did YOU Think?
Doctor Who Extra
Watch a clip HERE
Spoiler~free review HERE
Gallery of promo pics HERE
Watch the TV trailer HERE
Watch Next Time trail HERE
Cast list HERE
Official episode synopsis HERE
Details/spoilers from DWM HERE

Filming in Lanzarote and sees The Doctor returning to the scene of an old adventure - but there have been sinister changes since his last visit. Details HERE.

Check out some pics from the production camp at El Cuervo volcano in the Timanfaya National Park HERE.

Check out some great filming pics featuring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman HERE.
Great gallery of filming pics featuring the cast on Port Talbot beach HERE.

Steven Moffat says in DWM 476: "This is Doctor Who at its most intense and dramatic, with scares and huge ideas, and probably my most single favourite scene in the whole run this year. Peter is about to remind you that The Doctor isn't a hero every day - brace yourselves."

In SFX 251 Steven Moffat says, "Proper drama, with monsters..., there's a callback to a past episode. Sort of."

From Radio Times: "The little planetoid that's been tagging along beside you for a hundred million years, which gives you light at night and seas to sail, is in the process of falling to bits."
In the near future, The Doctor and Clara arrive on a decrepit shuttle making a suicide mission to the Moon. Crashing on the lunar surface, they find a mining base full of eviscerated corpses, spider-like creatures scuttling about in the dark, and a terrible dilemma. When Clara turns to The Doctor for help, she gets the shock of her life. Is the man she's trusted for so long really a hero after all? Is he even her friend?

Includes the word, "Tumblr," and the phrase, "No hanky panky!"

Written by Jamie Mathieson 
Directed by Paul Wilmshurst
Stars Frank Skinner (The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot), David Bamber (The King's Speech), Daisy Beaumont (Star Stories), Janet Henfrey (The Curse of Fenric), singer Foxes and Christopher Villiers (Emmerdale).

FREE audio commentary ft. comments from The Foretold actor
What Did YOU Think? HERE
Doctor Who Extra HERE
Watch a clip HERE
Spoiler~free review HERE
Gallery of promo pics HERE
Promo pics of Frank Skinner HERE
TV trailer HERE
Next Time trailer HERE
Cast list HERE
Official Synopsis HERE
Details/spoilers from DWM HERE

In SFX 251 Steven Moffat says, "Brilliant idea for a monster. It look stunning, in a very glamorous way. And it has Foxes singing. There's a callback to something from Matt's first series. Sometimes I play a long game."

Includes the word, "rhetorical".

From Radio Times: "Start the clock!"
Aboard the most beautiful train in history, speeding among the stars of the future, a legend is stalking the passengers. Once you see the Mummy, you have 66 seconds to live. No exceptions, no reprieve. As The Doctor races against the clock to defeat this mythical foe, Clara sees him at his most deadliest and most ruthless - and finally she realises she's made the right decision. Because this is their last adventure: it's time to say goodbye to the Time Lord.

Written by Jamie Mathieson
Directed by Douglas Mackinnon

FREE audio commentary with comments from its director HERE
Doctor Who Extra HERE 
What Did YOU Think? HERE
Clip and Introduction HERE
Spoiler-free review HERE
Watch a clip HERE
Promo pics gallery 2 HERE
Promo pics gallery 1 HERE
Television trailer HERE
Next Time trail HERE
Cast list HERE
Episode synopsis HERE
Director discusses ep HERE
Plot details revealed [SPOILERS] HERE
Behind the scenes pics HERE
Check out a gallery of filming pics HERE.

In SFX 251 Steven Moffat says, "It's a horror story. It starts off with a very cute idea and becomes really quite frightening by the end. A scary one."

From Radio Times: "Look, your home isn't going anywhere. And neither is mine until I figure this out."
Separated from The Doctor, Clara discovers a new menace from another dimension. But how do you hide when event the walls are no protection? With people to save and no madman in a box to help, Clara goes against an enemy that exists beyond normal human perception.

Airs at 8.25pm on BBC One, Oct 18

Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce
Directed by Sheree Folkson
Features a cast of child actors including Harley Bird, the voice of household favourite Peppa Pig, alongside Abigail Eames (Harry and Paul, The Crimson Field), Ashley Foster (The Woman in Black) and Jaydon Harris-Wallace.

Next Time trailer HERE
Cast list HERE
Images from the ep HERE
Episode synopsis HERE

The last episode of Series 8 to be filmed, wrapped on Aug 8.

Actor Samuel Anderson tweeted a pic of Coal Hill pupils - "New members of #teamtardis. Getting our tiger on! #drwho #dannypink #coalhillcadets grrrrrr #whovians"

Steven Moffat says in DWM 476 that it's "already a classic".

In SFX 251 Steven Moffat says, "It's a beautiful script; it's really lyrical and poetic, and boldly so. Heartfelt, eloquent and quite, quite different. The main visual idea of it is so clever. I think it's going to be a stunner."

Features a scene where The Doctor and Clara are attacked by wolves.

Includes the word, "supposed".

From Radio Times: "D'you like the forest being in Trafalgar Square? I think it's lovely."
One morning in London, and every city and town in the world, the human race wakes up to the most surprising invasion yet: the trees have moved back in. Everywhere, in every land, a forest has grown overnight and taken back the Earth - an impossible stranglehold of vegetation. The Doctor soon realises that the final days of humanity have arrived...

Airs at 8.20pm on BBC One, Oct 25

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Rachel Talalay
Features the return of the Cybermen and Osgood (The Day of the Doctor) and Kate Stewart (The Power of Three). Also stars Michelle Gomez as Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere, Chris Addison (The Thick of It) and Sanjeev Bhaskar. One of the episodes is currently called Death In Heaven and features scenes outside St Paul's in London.

Dark Water synopsis HERE
Images from the eps HERE
Exclusive set report from Blogtor HERE.
Exclusive interview with Jemma Redgrave HERE.
Gallery of filming pics HERE and HERE.
Actress Michelle Gomez joins cast as the "Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere" - pic HERE.

In SFX 251 Steven Moffat says, "Quite a strong emotional story to this. It's about Clara and The Doctor and the fact that the way they interact might not be healthy for everyone around them."

At London Film and Comic Con, Steven said he had the most fun ever writing the script for this one.

From Radio Times: "You betrayed me. You betrayed my trust, our friendship, and everything I've ever stood for. You let me down."
In the mysterious world of the Nethersphere, plans have been drawn. Old friends and old enemies manoeuvre around The Doctor, and an impossible choice is looming over him. Death is not an end, promises the sinister organisation known only as 3W - but, as The Doctor and Clara discover, you might wish it was.

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Paul Wilmshurst
Stars: Nick Frost (Spaced), Michael Troughton (The New Statesman), Natalie Gumede (Coronation Street), Faye Marsay (Pride) and Nathan McMullen (Misfits).
Started filming Sept 8 and finished on Oct 3.

First official pic and casting details HERE


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Lucas W said...

Clockwork droids? That's... Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Osgood and Lethbridge Stewart, not interesting.

Anonymous said...

get rid of vestra and strax...they have ruined both sontarans and silurians...and hope the cybermen delete osgood and the brig's daughter as well, please...

Anonymous said...

I liked osgood

Anonymous said...

Strax is hilarious and i do think vastras ok but they shouldnt have tried to make the two sontarons in TOTD comedic. Its pathetic. I thought osgood was also quite good as shes quite a lovable character but l kate is SO BAD the actress is awful and definitely should have been someone else but loving the new series, all bar robot of Sherwood

Emmacate S. said...

Series eight is amazing so far in my opinion! Peter does such justice to the role of the Doctor. I really enjoy he darkness and mood of this season immensely!