The Day of the Doctor trailer breakdown

Collected here is an image breakdown of the recently released trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor - watch it HERE. Click on the pics included here for bigger versions. Visit for more pics, clips and news. The Day of the Doctor simulcasts worldwide on Nov 23 at 19.50 [GMT].

Dalek ships (presumably from the Time War) and a moody Eleventh Doctor...

Gallifrey has seen better days.

Some action on Gallifrey, maybe?

Daleks, explosions and a Gallifreyan guard, perhaps?

Some devastation and that guard again and a poor dead Dalek.

Eleventh Doctor being moody again, but he's got a chum to help out.

John Hurt gets to go to all the nice places.

Maybe he's lost (looks it) whilst the Tenth and Eleventh team up for some fun!

More Tenth and Eleventh action and look, it's the TARDIS!

Clara and the Eleventh Doctor high ten whilst Elizabeth I gets chased in a forest.

Zygon alert! And look, is that two Kate Stewarts and two Osgoods? (Girl with scarf.)

The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors share a moment reminiscing about Specsavers adventure.

Blimey. It's Rose. And she's gone all Bad Wolf on our asses.

Horsey! Looks like the Tenth Doctor is taking Elizabeth I for a trip.

Awww, sad Clara and glass-smashing Zygon!

Clara and the One Who Broke The Promise Doctor standing in front of...

Billie says "The Moment is coming".
Is this the same "Moment" mentioned in The End of Time?

Multiple TARDIS action with the One Who Broke The Promise Doctor in his own...

Yay! It's The Tenth Doctor in his TARDIS but, boo, some Dalek ships are coming!

Visit for more pics, clips and news

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