The Doctors Revisited: Ninth - Eleventh DVD

BBC Home Entertainment concludes their celebration of the extraordinary actors who have portrayed the Doctor with the DVD release of The Doctors Revisited: Ninth - Eleventh on December 3, 2013. Click on the cover art on the left for a bigger version.

The set features a select two-part story from the eras of Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor), David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) and Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor), accompanied by three specials that explore the unique qualities each actor brought to the iconic hero. The first 10,000 copies of this DVD also include an exclusive, limited edition set of 4 fridge magnets.

Bonus Material includes a specially recorded introduction to each two-parter by current series lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat. The Doctors Revisited is currently airing in the UK on Watch, every Saturday and Sunday. 

The Doctors Revisited: Ninth - Eleventh is released Dec 3, priced $39.98 (US), $49.98 CAN


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